If you’re one of those gaming fans who just cannot stop indulging in your favorite pass time but feel that you have to pay too much to buy your games, you will definitely be interested in finding a new method of enjoying video games. How would you like to play at least one game a month, 12 games a year for a fraction of the money you would have to pay if you were to buy 12 games?

This innovative new method offered for jeux occasion has been introduced by Gamoniac which is a new website that stores all types of video games under the various categories gaming fans are usually interested in playing. Although quite new to the scene, they are catching up fast with gamers who have purchased consoles such as the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 but find the price they have to pay for the games are beyond their purse.

As any gamer will know, the minimum price of a video game is never less than $50 with the more popular ones  going for prices as high as $100 for the original if bought online or from a gaming store. This is not a price that most gaming fans can afford and as such in order to enjoy their jeux occasion the exciting new option offered by Gamoniac is worth taking a look at.

In terms of price, as always the better services are provided for those in the VIP category where such members will be able to get the top video games such as blockbusters on a priority basis. According to the console you own; i.e. PSP, PS3, WII, 3DS or Xbox 360, you are allowed to select 9 games from the list sent to you with a brief explanation of the jeux occasion to make it easy for your selection.

You have to of course register at the site first and thereafter choose the tab compatible to your console such as PS3, Xbox 360, etc. from which you can select nine games from the list which has games under different categories for your jeux occasion. You can list them in your order of priority according to what you want to play first and so on. Well, that’s all there is to it and within 48 hours your first game in the list will be sent to you.

When you receive the game you will also find there’s an envelope enclosed which is for you to return the game once you have finished playing. There’s no hard and fast rule as to when you must return it because you’re allowed to keep it and enjoy your jeux occasion until you get sick of it and want to change to another game. You will be surprised to see in what good condition these games are and also the super customer support they provide their fans.

Once you check the price list and choose the category you want to play under such as “Discovery” which is for casual players for which they will charge you a very small amount and the “Unlimited” where you can keep getting many games per month for which you will be expected to pay more for your ultimate enjoyment of jeux occasion.


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