Everyone has a smart phone today. This means that the market for mobile applications is growing rapidly and the options are endless. Many of us have already experienced the frustration with downloading a lot of different apps only to find out that you will never use them again for whatever reason.

If you want to revamp your smart phone and keep things simple, you need to better understand what apps you need on your phone and what you will use them for. Here are the types of apps that everyone can benefit from for your smart phone.

An organization app

Although are smart phones are usually thought of as a distraction, they can be the source that makes you more productive and keeps you on track. Organization apps like Evernote can organize all your calendars, emails and information from whoever you are in contact with to keep you focused.

Try to find an app that will sync with all your accounts and work well with your other technologies. This includes your emails, calendars, social media sites, business networking sites and computers. This will make your life easier and save you a lot of valuable time.

A TV show and movie streaming app

Using your browser to watch TV shows and movies on your phone is a thing of the past. There are now a lot of options for viewing your favorite TV shows and movies from your smart phone that are faster and better quality than before.

You can use mobile streaming apps like Netflix to watch shows and movies from any device. Your TV provider may also have an app that allows you to use your service from your smart phone. Check with your DirecTV provider to install the app or upgrade your service to include this option.

An antivirus app

Our smart phones today are essentially mobile computers. This means that just like your computer, your smart phone is susceptible to viruses and needs to be protected. There are a number of great antivirus apps for free that will monitor activity on your phone and do regular check-ups to keep your phone safe from unwanted viruses. Most of these apps also include a back-up for the files and information on your smart phone.

An app to help you find places and things

We all have been in the situations where you want to find a new restaurant for dinner tonight or you just want to find the closest movie theater. You could spend a lot of time going through a slow search through your browser, but there are apps that will get the job done faster. Apps like Yelp will give you places and things based on your keyword search, along with reviews, price range, hours, website information and directions using your preferred navigation system. No longer will you have to search for the best nearby pizza place for hours. Pay it forward by posting your reviews of the places and things to the app after you visit.


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