Building marketing strategies for social media networks are common for most of the companies today. However, what we can really expect from a social media marketing strategy?

Earlier, only entrepreneurs who thought outside the box promoted their businesses on social media website like Facebook and Twitter. Most of the other firms had doubts about the benefits they give. However, every firm tries to market their business on social networks today by expecting quick results. But what we can truly expect from social media? Have we selected the correct social media platform to market our business?

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter give the image of building very close relationships with people. It is true that you can have Facebook likes and Twitter followers very close to your business with great interactions. However, it is not a reason to expect unrealistic results from these social websites.

If someone thinks that it is possible to boost sales, increase customer loyalty, or find lots of new customers by spending a little time on these social websites, it is completely wrong. No one can expect good results by spending very little time on their social media marketing campaigns.

Can you expect quick and long-term results through any other marketing channel? The nature of social networks is also same. Social media is a marketing channel based on new technology. It also has similar features of other ordinary marketing channels.

No any marketing strategy will bring results over night. Any strategy will take some time to give results. This is the nature of social media marketing as well. No one can build a fan base with millions of fans within a single day. It takes time to build a good fan base in social networks. You can only speed up the process by purchasing fans. However, it will also take a few days.

What is the real power of social media? If someone thinks to sell their products or services through social networks like Facebook, it will never work. Social media websites are only branding tools. You can quickly connect with your potential or existing customers through your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest profiles and can bond with them tightly. But you cannot sell anything through those profiles.

Unlike other traditional channels, you can use social networks to exchange ideas with others and force them to buy from you. But your sales can be only achieved by driving your social media fans to your business website or any other place that sell your products.

For great results, you must allocate the right people to the right task. Social media marketing is cheaper than other channels. However, the return on your investment is not cheap.

You should never select social media marketing because it is cheap, because it is affordable, because you use it personally, because you have some spare time,or because you think that there is no much work to do. You should only move to social media marketing by learning and understanding the real benefits. You should also have sufficient resources to post content, interact with customers and to keep your profiles up-to-date.


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