Facebook and Twitter are the names that come to one’s mind when he plans to become more prominent on various social networking sites. There can be no two pinions about the dominance of these two social media platforms. However, despite being a place to share only images, Instagram has suddenly become very popular and it is cornering the attention of the people because of its use by celebrities and political leaders. It is also because of its features and facilities. Quickly, Instagram has become a platform to boost your online presence provided you know how to do it effectively and easily.

Upload pictures that are real and also high quality

People like to seewhat they have not explored earlier. Unknown entities evoke curiosity and interest. The photos that you click using your own camera convey a story about your business that a thousand words cannot. People love to see activities taking place internally inside a business setting. They feel more attached to a business or abrand when they can see the people behind the business.

Be creative with your photos

Not every business is as exciting and interesting as a retail fashion store or a fast food joint. However, it is in your own hands to get the attention of the people on Instagram. Ou can make the photos you upload more interesting by using Photoshop and adding interesting things in the background and also by adding taglines. However, do not go overboard with your special effects as they can make your photos look fake or unreal.

Ask for comments and opinions

You can conduct surveys, opinions, and polls to interact with your followers to engage with them. This is one way to involve more and more people with your business or brand. Invite your followers to make comments and give opinions so as to engage with them. It has been proved that businesses that encourage interaction among their followers have become more popular than those that keep on posting photos silently.

Use hash tags on Instagram

Hashtags is a way of providing description of your pictures on Instagram. You can interact with your followers in a much more meaningful way when you make use of these Hashtags. Words between hash tags describe your picture beautifully. Just make sure that you do not go overboard with your Hashtags as you can bore the followers with your post.

Interact with your followers

Follow your followers and thank them for their comments and opinions about your photos. Do not forget to give your comments to photos of others and like tem to encourage others to participate in your polls and surveys. You are likely to get more comments and likes to your photos when you do the same to the photos of others. Also, follow a schedule to post photos on Instagram if you are interested in marketing your business. This may be a time consuming process but you can certainly boost your online presence if you follow the tips given in this article.


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