Here are the top three secrets to create the most amazing portrait photos:

1. Concepts

We all have heard about the term “less is more”. Not necessarily true especially when the less is equivalent to lazy. Do not be lazy. That’s the first secret and probably most important one that you’ll hear. I see a lot of photographers limiting their portrait artwork with the typical Portrait against white background, or some bricks or walls. Sure, portrait photography is mostly about the focus of people’s faces. That being said, we must also be wary of the limitation but not narrowing down sacrificing our creativity. Take Brandon Woelfel for example; he has taken a simple concept to an entirely new category. There’s nothing new about his concept, it is still portrait photography isn’t it? The concept has defined his work, his uniqueness. That is the true meaning of “less is more”. Get back to the basics, refine your concepts and create your own signature for your portrait photography portfolio.

2. Learn the Photography Principles

It’s wonderful to be creative, but it’s not okay to be reckless and stupid. Show some respect to the art and stop defining your flaws as ‘concepts’. They are not your concepts, they are just flaws since you have no idea what you’re doing. Learn the basic principles of photography such as framing your subject, experiment with backgrounds, format your photo correctly either with Landscape or Portrait, hold your camera while not neglecting the right angle, experiment with face expression and more of these principles should be learned first before you even get started on calling yourself a portrait photographer. If you do not know any of these principles, you should probably stop reading this article and go ahead and Google: Principles of Photography.

3. Use Presets

Adobe Lightroom is the best photo editing software for Professional photographers. Tweaking photos take time and efforts, technically different photo should be tweak differently since they all have different setting, environment or lighting condition. However, let’s not forget that in general when it comes to editing your photos, they are very much can be tweaked using the same preset regardless of the condition that I just mentioned. Regardless what other professionals may have told you, it is not a crime to use Lightroom presets. It speeds up your editing process by miles; you will save a lot of time. The particular Lightroom presets for portraits is called Portrait Heinrich created by Mindtrick. It is being used by thousands of photographers from all over the world; mainly consumers and hobbyists. Be sure to check them out!

Portraits are more than just about taking photos of people’s faces. Do not limit yourself thinking that it has to be a face of a person against black or white background canvas. There has to be certain focus towards the concept. With the combination of all 3 methods I’ve mentioned above, there’s so many ways you could develop your next portfolio.Do you have any other methods that everyone should utilise? Leave a comment on the comment box below!


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