Business is business. The fact that virus do exist is because anti-virus companies benefit from them. If no virus existing every day, they have no business. Anti-virus companies take advantage of the ever growing business of computer technology. In partnership with computer manufacturers, they create these viruses and spread throughout the World Wide Web to purposely crash, degrade and shorten the life-span of your personal computers. Again, it is business. So we vulnerable customers have to shed some bucks for the protection of our PC and personal files too. But some rip-off anti-virus scammers take advantage of this trend to offer a “make-believe” effective anti-virus to protect your PC.

Have you ever seen TV commercials for DoubleMySpeed or MyCleanPC? Both these websites offer you to one single anti-virus product Cyberdefender. If we check again the website, the interface shows their “All-American” tech support team. LIE. They outsource their Tech Support in India, and you get 1:100 chances that your call for help might land to their American Tech Support. This is not being racist. It is being bold enough to say that their main website picture is a lie. To know people who know the worked of this anti-virus scam, my goal is to make consumers aware of their advocacy – to get your money. If you want more detailed experiences from the victims, check this site:

We proceed to their man product, the EDC (Early Detection Center). Two big green icons offer you to try it first or to buy it directly for $39.99. If you will proceed with the trial version, you will be able to install this program, and check out its best features. Voila! You have thousands of viruses on your PC you have never seen or experience before! Why so? This make-believe virus alert will entice you to remove them of course, but what you installed is just a trial version. To remove them, you have to pay for the full version. Same goes with their other product, the CyberDefender Registry Cleaner. The RC gives you the capability to clean up your registry to make it faster. But most customers complain that the effect is reverse.

Both software will offer their best features if you have to pay the price. If you don’t, there will be chaos going on in your computer like pop-ups, and virus alerts. Sounds like spyware/ adware isn’t it? Yes it is.

Then the innocent “non-techie” victim will have to call the customer support to stop the software from adding more trouble in your computer. Again, asking for their help means, it is their business. But is Cyber Defender really that an effective anti-virus program? There were a lot of technical anti-virus analysts who tried to review the performance of the EDC who placed it on the web. Check them out if you really want to decide on putting you PC in protection or putting it on complete mess. Your choice.


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