It seems majority of FPS games of 2016 like IGI the Mark with no aim down sight no reload and most significantly no regenerating health. In Modern shooter games only one player can destroy single-handedly all the enemies. In this article we will cover all the related topic about the health system in video games.

You are hurt. Get to cover!

Whenever you will play modern games like or other one like Butterflied make it sure you have a great knowledge to play it. Like how to killed an enemies, how to target your destination. Thee seen looking most amazing when you shoot buddies and they fired you back and you try to save yourself and hide behind the rock and shoot back when you get hurt the screen turned into red. As you know that the concept of regenerating of health is not new. Inn 1984 first time this regenerating concept came in to existing in Hydlide.

There is a myth about the FPS to practice in this system. Majority of the user assumed that the Halo combat Evolved was the beginner games in this system. But literally I want to say that it is not the truth but just the misconceptions. In real if we see there was not option exist in this game about the regenerating of health. It only have regenerating of shield.

So the question arise here that if there is not option in Halo then in which shooter game it is existence? The answer may shocked you that it was face ball 2000. This was and still is the FPS shooting games that give task players and enable him the majority of ways to confront the opponents. If this don’t make you surprised then here I want to tell you that since 1992 it was not so popular features.

Faceball 2000 (1987)

If we talking about the popularity then we see that which shooter game adopt this system? There is only and only game which come in your mind is Call of Duty. And this is the starting point of this features. Next to this a lot of First Person Shooting games adopt this features

Talking about popularity, what game that popularizes this unique system in shooters? If Call of Duty comes to your mind, you are right. The second instalment of this annually released franchise is the game that bring this feature to the masses. After that, a lot -and I mean it- a lot of first-person shooters to make use of regenerating health including Battlefield, the game that most people agreed as Call of Duty’s main rival in military shooters.


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