Classified Internet based company which is based in Newyork city and Argentina and Buenos Aires. They are hosting free classifieds and advertisements on their sites for different communities like urban. They are providing discussion forums where people could discuss different topics. It gained momentum when it got into partnership with Friendster which is one of the social networking websites. The story with regards to their partnership was highlighted in every media publications which also include the New York Times and it was also hyped in the bloggers network as well.

How to submit you’re classified over here?

If you are looking to sell off your products online and also don’t plan to spend much of your funds in advertising, then you should surely move to their site. They are providing the customer an option of presenting their advertisement for free. User need to visit their website and click on their “post a free classified Ad” button which is on the top right corner of the site. Once you click on it you would be able to view the following page mentioned below.

You will have to add a title to your classified where you are going to post your mobile for free here. For adding the title, you should have at least 60 characters in it. On this page they have also mentioned that the fields which are having * mark are mandatory and should not be left blank. Next option which users get is of adding photo’s or can add snaps in just 3 clicks. They believe that if you are adding some original snaps of the items or mobiles which you are selling, then there are better chances to get the best deal out of it. You should try to add on photos clicked from different angles and should avoid the clicks which are not at all suitable. Some of the accepted formats for the snaps are .jpg, .png and .gif. Next option which is available in the form is of the type of handset or mobile set you are having. They have the drop down where different types of mobiles are mentioned you need to select the set which you own.

Next section is where you are going to describe the details with respect to your mobile set. You need to specify that what’s unique in your set and why it should be purchased. Here you could format your classified and present it in the best possible manner. The important part which has to be handled over here is the price at which you are planning to sell. Once you are completed with the information of the product, next portion is information with respect to seller information.

Seller Information Section

In seller information section, sellers need to add the following information into it. The fields which need to be filled are as under- whether the seller is an individual or a business or professional company. What is your contact Name, Email address, Phone number, select the state and so on. Once you are done with all information you could click on the submit option.


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