There are more than fifty spy apps in the market these days. Fake ones are not included in this count. But the sad thing is most of these apps are overrated, expensive, useless and have serious performance issues. However, few apps are exception to this trend and BlurSPY is one of these. This parental control tool is considered the genuine solution for all parents worried about their teens.

BlurSPY App Review

The review of software includes a number of things like features, performance, functionality, price, customer support and other things. We are going to talk about these things in case of BlurSPY app. This guide will help all the parents choose the best spy app to monitor their teens and kids.

Features of the App

BlurSPY comes up with all the best and essential features required for digital parenting. Phone call tracking, message tracking, location tracker, social media monitoring, preventing sexting, checking internet history and other features are offered by BlurSPY app. This is true that these features are must have in a spy app in order to let parents take better care of their children.

Performance of BlurSPY

In terms of performance, BlurSPY is matchless. We said that many apps are fake and useless. That is because of poor performance. However, BlurSPY provides the users with top notch experience when they use the app. It works flawlessly on any android device or phone. Features work without any issues and make it easy for the users to track target phones.

Pricing Plans

Users should never ignore price factor. The reason is that there are standard rates for products and plans. BlurSPY charges are way lower than other spy apps. For this reason, it is the most affordable Android spyware app  for the users. BlurSPY also offers monthly and special discounts. These days, there is a special offer to get 70% discount and you can avail it right now.

Customer Support

Customer support is usually needed when the app has some serious issues and users are unable to perform the desired tasks. And this is not a case with BlurSPY app. You will rarely need their customer service. But they are amazing. They provide 24/7 customer support to the users and the technical assistance is also offered to every user whenever they need it.

Security and Safety

Users who are tech-savvy know that apps may store your data. Some apps steal user data and affect all the users. But you should not worry about BlurSPY app because it promises user data protection and maintaining data in the best manners. They have secure systems, best hosting service that help BlurSPY protect the user data and let them enjoy the best services.

Top Features of BlurSPY App

Call Management

With this feature, BlurSPY users can intercept live calls as well as record them at any moment during the ongoing calls. Parents should use this feature to track the phone calls of their kids.

Message Tracking

This feature is very helpful when it comes to checking messages of kids. Parents can prevent sexting in their kids with this feature. It lets parents view all sent and received text messages.

Location Tracker

The GPS location tracker is a very useful option for the parents who want to protect their kids and keep eyes on their whereabouts. The feature allows parents to track live locations of their children.

Social Media Monitoring

Parents should keep eyes on the internet and social media activities of their teens. With this feature, all social media apps can be tracked and monitored remotely.

Tracking Phone History

Many parents want to track the phone as well as internet history of their children to see what they do on their devices. This feature comes in handy in this regard to know about the internet history of the kids on their phones.


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