Various applications are there that give you the option of streaming and downloading the videos and movies. But if you think about Vidmate, it is different. This application has been one of the most top-class applications in the android. The icing on the cake is that the application is free of cost.

If you have never used this application then you missing out something wonderful. There are so many amazing things about Vidmate app. in this post you would get to know about the different types of features that the app has for you. Before you get to that remember that this application provides you everything free of cost.

Connected with manifold platforms

There are so many platforms that are connected with this application. Vidmate provides you videos, movies, clips and similar stuff from manifold platforms and a few of these are like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, and so on. In this way, you can search the content that you are looking for and you would get it right on this application.

Formats that you like

Yes, this application has a streak of options when it comes to formats. You can find different types of formats in this app. in this way you would have the choice to pick the format that is as per your suitability. Whether mp4, ULV, AVI, 3Gp or any other format, you can find them all in the realm of this application. You can easily download the videos and movies in the formats that you like and are supported by your device.

Resolution for all

Whether you are a fan of HD resolution or any other type of resolutions; this application caters the discretion therein too. You can easily pick the resolution in which you want to stream the videos movies. Moreover, if you do not have much knowledge about which resolution to pick as per your device quality, do not worry. The application automatically gets you the most suitable resolution as per your smart phone or android device needs. in this way you would get the best experience always.

Easy to use interface

If you talk about the UI (user interface) of this application, that is phenomenal. You can easily experience utmost comfort and easy in this app. the application is a great place for both the experts and the beginners. You would never have a difficulty in navigating this app or operating it. After all, the developers of the app make sure that you do not have to get help from anyone for this app.


The speed of this application is equally great. You would always find a good speed in this app as compared to other applications. It has been said that the Vidmate is two hundred percent faster than the other applications that are there for streaming and downloading videos and movies.


Thus, you should enjoy this application in your android device for free.  Download it today and you would not be disappointed by this amazing application. Its features are always impressive and cool.


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