Facebook announced the partnership with UK-based interpersonal TV analytics organization SecondSync. The two companies will be working together to help marketers know how people are while using social network to speak about topics such because TV. The partnership is an issue because it indicates Facebook’s social TV data is going to be made available away from company for the very first time.

In two days, SecondSync plans to talk about initial results inside a white paper entitled “Watching with Friends” having a full analysis of how individuals are using Facebook to interact with TV. The whitepaper may encompass “a selection of programs” in America, the United Kingdom, as well as Australia. It will even consider patterns through genre, by market, and by gadget, as well as the way the social network can be used before, during, and following the broadcast.

This naturally isn’t only a two-week agreement. Facebook is targeting scaled delivery associated with its data via SecondSync later this season, starting with the United States and the United Kingdom. Everyone is conscious about Facebook has a lot of data on its vast sums of users, high of which contains helpful information to companies. The challenge, nevertheless, is to reveal this with companies prepared to analyze it, without releasing details about the users on their own.

Facebook clearly believes it’s solved the problem using its SecondSync partnership, at least with regards to TV-related data. The discussions about the social network are going to be aggregated and anonymized to safeguard user privacy.


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