Computer and Mobile phone has taken very important place in our life and it is almost impossible to leave comfortably without them. Computers are key for daily data processing, multimedia, communication via internet and the list goes on infinitely. Even more better gadgets are smart phones . It has become a primary medium for communication. There are many ways in which computer and mobile has become a extremely needed things in our life.

How computers help us in life

Computer, since its invention has undergone many improvements both in software and hardware. We use computers very frequently nowadays as everything is modernized. Most advanced tasks like creating animation can now be achieved much easily with a computer. Moreover, computers are helpful in managing all data in an organization, resulting in a much faster and easier management of data. Computers also help in designing most common things and in easy communication through internet. Internet has increased the use of a computer by linking the whole world in one network. Sharing news, articles, photos, videos, music etc is possible because of the use of internet in computers. The invention LAN has made data sharing easy in computers. Also, computers have various applications in hospitals and ticket booking centers. New softwares are created everyday which bring about new features and possibilities.

Computer is essential for everyone in the modern world. A man without any knowledge of computer has no future. Every task can be made much easier through computers. The use of computers are very large, the list never ends.  So, it has become a mandatory gadget in our life.

Use of Mobile  in our Daily life

In recent days, mobile phones are used more than computers. The invention of smartphones  is the main for this. Smartphone’s in the name of Android, iOS, Windows phone have taken up mobile operating to the modern level. At the beginning mobile phones were used only for making calls and texts. But with new technologies it has become possible to make it much smarter with new features. Nowadays, we do video calls, online chats, play games, watch movies, listen to music all with the comfort of our smartphone.

Few people are so addicted to mobile phones that they spend almost whole day with their mobile.  Smartphones with thousands of apps are no less than computers. Smartphones are capable of doing all the tasks of a computer. It’s like having a computer in your pocket.

The smartphone’s are so useful that you can even control your tv with it. Mobiles have reached everyone’s hand infact, nowadays kids are getting used to it. The amount of new technology improvements in mobile phones has increased its usefulness and efficiency. Hence, mobile has also become an important tool in our life like computers.


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