What is a 9apps?

A 9apps is an online application tool owned by Alibaba Group Company which is a popular and trusted company. 9apps was developed quite recently i.e., in December 2013. This brand covers a large number of countries and has its largest users in countries like India, Indonesia and Russia. Though people might have an already installed play store in their android phones but if one wants to explore more and more apps 9apps then serves as a best app. 9apps provides its users the option of downloading a large number and variety of applications, files for entertainment, information, work or education, and games etc. Since it is new it has the latest and most trendy features carefully meeting the users demand. The app receives latest updates regularly.

Why 9apps?

  • 9apps does not charge anything for its installation. In simple words one does not have to pay for it. Thus, 9apps is like gaining without paying.
  • It is safe and secure to download if one downloads the correct Apk file. While installing the apps also it pre-detects viruses.
  • It provides it users a large platform with numerous choices. It works as a multipurpose app.
  • It is also a fast downloading app. This is especially important for users who do not wish to wait for long.
  • 9apps supports all android versions, mobile web and PC version. Moreover, it also provides other languages support to its audience.
  • One can get the apps on 9app in a comparatively smaller size. This prevents the users to download and use more apps without thinking about the slowing down of the phone. Major downloads in some android phones hamper its working process.
  • 9app also supports the features of pause and auto-resume downloading. This leaves the users tension free since they know they can resume it whenever they want to.
  • It acts as an alternative to google play store and holds an upper hand in certain areas like supporting more apps, small size.

All these benefits of 9apps makes the condition possible of gaining without paying.


It is important to note that 9apps is a third-party app. A third-party appss is an application created by a developer that is not the manufacturer of the device the app runs on. However, this does not mean one cannot access to it. While downloading the apk file the phone might create an obstacle. For this user just need to change his/her phone’s setting. After choosing ‘allow installation from unknown sources’ one can easily get the 9app.

9apps is an innovative creation which is easier to get, easier to use providing ease to the users. It helps people in exploring a wider area. It supports special apps also like the HackerRank problems which is an education app and Car Problems and Repairs which deals with solution to car problems. 9apps is an app that provides information and the tool to explore other apps also and that too free. Thus, 9apps is not only helpful for entertainment but also for developing intellectual intelligence. It is actually gaining without paying.


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