9Apps is a mobile application which acts as an alternative to the play store which allows people to download all their favourite apps which are not easily available or are paid on the Normal application store. No online registration or creation of an account is needed for using as well as downloading this application.  One simply needs a smart device and can start downloading their favourite apps without paying a single penny for them. The famous Alibaba Group is the company behind creation of this revolutionary app.

However, it is available as an apk file which cannot be downloaded from the official application stores. Users just need to visit 9Apps.io website and click on 9Apps Apk download button to download the application. It’s just that easy. Also, one needs to enable the security feature of downloading applications from unknown sources on their smart devices for installing the 9Apps application.

Some great features which make this application so efficient are as follows:

  1. Small in size:

The 9Apps application is small in size and can be downloaded with ease. Its total size is 4MB which can be downloaded even on the older devices without any hassle.

  1. Free to install:

The best thing of 9Apps is that it is free to install and users do not have to spend a single ounce of their money to download the application.

  1. Compatibility:

9Apps is compatible on wide range of devices. Even the older devices with little memory and RAM can download this application.

  1. No download limit:

There is no restriction on the number of downloads from the 9Apps store. One can download any number of apps from the 9Apps store and unlimited multimedia content such as wallpapers, music, games and books, etc. from the apps downloaded.

  1. Easy to use:

It is very easy use and can be operated by any user without any problems. Moreover, users who do not have fast internet connection can use this app easily. Apps can be downloaded using a slow internet connection.

  1. Minimal interface:

The interface of the 9Apps store is minimal and comprises the most important options necessary for operating it properly like a search bar. The app has a clean interface which even provides app suggestions which can be useful for many users.

  1. Organized apps list:

Apps are organized systematically and can be reorganized according to user’s preferences like multimedia apps, entertainment apps and games etc.

The whole process of searching and downloading apps becomes efficient.

  1. Continuous maintenance by developers:

9Apps and the applications available on the store are continuously updated and modified by the developers which increase the overall efficiency. Developers continuously try to improve the user experience based upon their feedback.

  1. Helps to upload new applications:

Applications can be easily uploaded on the 9Apps store by the developers without any screening. No filters or restrictions are set on the 9Apps store.

  1. Security:

The amazing security feature protects the users from any virus attacks. Any fake app if detected is automatically removed from the store.

It has completely changed the application market. For continuous updates and fun experience, support from the users is required. 9Apps is the future.


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