Due to the availability of high speed data network, people have now so many sources on where they can use their high speed internet. But sometimes it becomes impossible to watch videos on social media due to the problem of low speed internet connection. So to avoid this situation where you have to see the faces of people when your video buffers. So people want to download some favourite videos on to their device so that they can watch them as and when they want. Whenever they are having high speed data connectivity they downloadthe videos to watch them later. In YouTube, users are only allowed to watch videos on it or they can save the video for watch it later only with the internet. They are not allowed to download the video on to their device.

So for this purpose and to avoid this problem of buffering of video they can download the video to watch it whenever they want. There are many video downloading apps which allow users to download videos from various social media platforms. Every application serves the different purpose for the users and users can choose accordingly. So, the most downloaded video downloading apps are as follows:

  1. Videoder: this application provides the users with the simplest user interface which is easy to use. All the options or features of this application arerepresented straightforward. This application is free of cost and is light in weight. You can just download the multiple videos at a same time. You can simply download your favourite video and choose download the video.
  2. InsTube: we cannot take the Wi-Fi modem out of our house whenever we leave and the high speed internet is also not available everytime. This application allows the users to download the video directly to your device. This android base application supports audios, videos, HD or non HD videos to be downloaded. Almost this application possesses same features as other apps, with minor changes applicable.
  3. Vidmate: Vidmate Install helps in giving access to the users to download videos from YouTube. This application also displays other features like the most top rated videos, popular videos, new releases and coming soon videos, etc. is available. While your videos will be downloaded in the background, you are free to use other apps at the same time. This application also providesusers to check the downloading status of the videos. This application is the leading application among all and mostly downloaded by the users.
  4. TubeX: this app is known to be the fastest application in downloading video from YouTube. This application also allows the users to download the same videos in many formats in the same device. It allows you to download the various videos free of cost. You can search the videos from application can command them to download them.

These above discussed are the various video downloading applications available on the internet. It allows the users to download their favourite video, movies or audio in any format.


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