Isn’t it amazing to be able to turn on a computer and access just about any idea or piece of information, useful or not? For many there is no other way, for so many have grown up with computers and accessible information. Many have taken their own stories or interests to the internet. Are you ready to share your thoughts and expertise to the world?

One of the fastest growing forms of presence on the internet is through blogging. Blogs have visual themes, and can focus on a wide variety of concepts such as updates for your group, journals or diaries, or tips related to the products or services being promoted.

There are options on blogs as well, with many free blogging sites available these days. All blogging sites will have rules such as the type of content, ads, and other rules intended to keep the blogging community safe and inviting.

Some blogging sites, like blogger, allow pay per click ads to be displayed in the blog. In fact this particular blogging community has an add-on for your site readily available for showing related google ads. Why google ads, you ask? Simple – Google owns this blogging community.

Blogging is not the only option for bringing your message to the world. There are also pods, which might be viewed as a one-time use blog. Pods are similar to blogs in the sense of the single or related theme, but don’t have as much creative space for the look of the pod or added features.

Social networking communities are another route that has attracted millions. Facebook and MySpace are two of the most popular sites. The focus of these sites caters toward the people, not so much the message they offer. They are community based, which means building a list of friends who also have pages in the community.

There are other options for making your presence known in the online world, but blogging, pods, and social networking have become the standards for online presence and communication. It’s simple to set up, and gives you a great way to share stories and photos with your family, group or community.


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